Friday, November 20, 2015


Hey readers, right now we are looking for materials to use to build, aswell as a metalshop. We will likely use steel as it is cheap. Hydrolic is another buy we are lookThis will be kinda expensive. So we are asking for any amount of donations for funding. Me and my classmate's gofundme is

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The origin of the ExoSuit

           Since i was a wee tike I have always been intrested in robots, and dinosaurs just like and other kid. But with me there was a difference. I had to make sure I knew the absolute most about any topic than any of my friends. Especially the future. It always seemed in any video game/book you saw about some far off future time there was a humoungous robot or something doing some impossible task. I'm trying to recreate that. I want to create an ExoSuit called the NEWsuit. A exosuit that enhances the human strength capability. To use for whatever reason (I have not decided yet). So I will put my best effort into making this happen.